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We rocket good people doing good things to new heights through communication-first web and cohesive design that leaves them orbiting above the rest.

From chaos to cosmos

From Chaos to cosmic brand, elevate your brand to new heights, making sense of your mess. From Chaos to cosmic brand, elevate your brand to new heights, making sense of your mess.

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We work with educational content creators, heart-led practitioners + coaches, inspiring community hubs, building up the    it-girlies, and all around do-gooders.

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Add some stardust to your brand with our VIP days. Get clarity on your brand with heart-led strategy, create on-brand launch graphics, add a sales-page to your website, or get some help with your newsletter. The possibilities are vast!

VIp Days

Feeling lost in the vastness of cyberspace? Say goodbye to the frustration of DIY! Our 2-week done-for-you website intensive will take you from chaos to celestial heights with a smooth and effective website launch.

Web intensives

Go from hiding in the shadows to shining like a star. Elevate your brand with our 2-week brand lift-off, where we'll focus on the key elements that connect most with your audience, setting you on a journey to the top!

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Founder and creative lead of STELLA. With 5+ years of experience in branding, web and social media design, she has helped design for the leading talent in hospitality, event services, design, and content creation.

Now, Emily wants to help demystify your beliefs about branding and web design and bring cohesion across all your touch-points with a clearly organized brand that give you the confidence to shine bright.

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Signature 2 Week Brand + Web Projects

So you can get back to doing what you do best

We elevated Catalyst beyond a podcast to holistically serve its audience even more through community-driven brand strategy and engaging social media assets.



For content creator Reni, The Resource, we kept things inviting and professional to generate relevant impressions and collab opportunities through a click-worthy brand-identity, social media assets, and custom blog. Reni has since been featured in the Bay Street Bull 30x30 and Google Canada, to name a few.

Radiant outcomes

“Emily is such a joy to work with! She pays attention to detail, listens and implements my feedback, and always responds promptly. She understood my vision and brought it to life better than I ever could have. I especially loved the Brand Discovery stage. I’ve received so many compliments on my branding since working with her and some of my posts have received over 300 shares! I am so grateful to have been introduced to her and can’t wait to work with her on future projects.”

content creator

Reni, The Resource

"Before working with Emily, I had some branding done but I was spending endless hours looking for social media templates that would match the aesthetic I was after. Emily understood my brand and vision after just a couple short conversations and was able to create the templates I was after. The direction and artistic freedom she took ended up with an unexpected little icon that I intend on using as a logo moving forward! Definitely delighted with this little addition that happened so organically. Emily worked on redesigning the format of my weekly newsletter and welcome sequence so now I am actually excited to plug and play my content in and not have to think about it again! 12/10 recommend!"


style x brigitta

"I first heard about Emily from a friend who gave her raving reviews, and she did not disappoint. Emily is great to work with. She really understood my vision and brought it to life while involving me every step of the way. She was able to guide me yet incorporate my feedback/suggestions at the same time. I was able to relaunch my business with ease with the new branding which gave my business a fresh new look."



"I'd always known that I wanted to start my own blog and start growing my social media/branding myself but I had no idea how to start. I f*cking LOVED my experience with Emily. She met and exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with all of the assets and my blog. Going into our meetings, I had no idea EXACTLY what I wanted my blog to look like or what I wanted my assets to look like and she hit it right on the nose. She has helped me brand myself in a way that I don't think was possible before and this has improved my overall outreach for my freelancing, gotten me more jobs in my career and has just given me a new found excitement to create content, write and develop!"

content creator

Tomachi Maria

"I am so grateful for Emily's gifting in creativity and branding. Her passion shines through her process and the level of due diligence she applies to canvass her clients brands, identify their pain points and strengths. The entire process was was educational, I grew in my own personal brand awareness and also discovered new strengths I did not appreciate as much prior to working with Emily. Since working with Emily, I attracted my first 5 figure client and have developed a more robust and comprehensive strategy for engagement across social media platforms attracting the kinds of clients I sought out too since working with Emily. I look forward to continuing to work with Emily!"

Advocate + speaker

Cristal Hines

"I’ve been working with Stella The Studio for over a year now. They allowed me to go from having no clear branding to a clear, defined and recognizable brand. I’ve attracted more sponsors and partners because of my professional personal brand now. Would recommend working with them!"

content creator

Reni, The Resource

"Emily continues to AWE me with how innovative she is with unique brands. She provided me with constructive feedback about my ongoing brand development and worked with me diligently to clearly define my goal, approach and audience. I feel a lot more prepared and confident in preparing materials for my business this year. Thank you for continue to share with me your expertise. You're the best!!"

Advocate + speaker

Cristal Hines

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We'll blaze through confusion, steering your scattered services to celestial heights. Let's take you from chaos and uncertainty to confident brand founder in record time, so you can shine bright!

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